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Tutoring with a Smile

A Positive Approach for Struggling Readers

Dear Parents,

You know your child is not reading on grade level.

Their grades are poor.

They are falling behind.

You're afraid they'll be retained this year.

Where can your child learn the skills they need?

They can learn here with me at Tutoring with a Smile.

As a teacher with 25+ years experience teaching children to be successful readers, I can help.

Step 1 - Assess your child's reading

Step 2 - Create an educational plan

Step 3 - Teach the skills to succeed

Let's start the transformation today.

Lynn Wilson 🙂

Tutoring with a


"An absolute delight to welcome Mrs. Wilson, virtually, into our home weekday afternoons to tutor our 1st grader. Our child has shown material academic improvement in areas of reading, spelling, and writing where she is looked at by the teacher as head of the class.

In addition to being head of her class in reading, directly resulting from Mrs. Wilson's tutoring, our 1st grader is also showing increased self confidence, empowerment, and raising her hand more often in class.

Mrs. Wilson's approach is academic and nurturing where our child truly enjoys tutoring time. We strongly recommend Mrs. Wilson and urge all parents seeking a tutor for their children to engage her services."
Stefany G.
Davie, FL
Lynn Wilson

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