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Success not Stress

How do we get started?


Give your kiddo a big hug because struggling in school can make you feel lousy. You feel like a disappointment to yourself & your family, and you certainly aren’t feeling smart.


If your child has a different way of learning or they need more time to practice a skill, they need more than the traditional school day. Get help for their specific learning needs.


Call or text Lynn @ 954-281-2176. Let’s chat about your child and schedule a free assessment for them. You are not obligated to choose me as a tutor, but of course, I hope you do. 🙂

Hi, I’m Lynn.

I want your child to make all the reading progress they can.

With 27+ years of teaching experience, I have helped hundreds of children, just like yours, close the gaps in their reading skills to become happy, confident readers earning better grades.