Tutoring Services

Dear Parents,

Get ready for better days ahead.  Together, we will transform your child’s life.  It isn’t easy and it doesn’t happen quickly, but nothing is more worthwhile.  Let’s get started making the changes you want to see for  your child and your family.


Any goals your child receives in school, including a 504 plan or an IEP, can be incorporated into our sessions.  

Tutoring Includes:

Assessment of Current Skills

Skills Assessment and Written Updates (every 3-4 months)

Personal Instructional Reading Plan 

Individualized Instruction

Systematic Phonics Instruction 

Multisensory Techniques

Active Student Engagement


504 or IEP Goals can be incorporated into our sessions

Instructional Materials for Phonics include Orton-Gillingham based programs


Students receive free access to Raz Kids and Headsprout,

part of the Reading a to z Program with Leveled Books and Reading Activities



Does online tutoring work?

My students and I get to know one another and develop a rapport just as if we were meeting in person.   There are so many resources to use online that it is easy to individualize instruction and address the needs of your child. 


How does the free reading assessment work?

Each student receives a free online reading assessment.  Immediately after the assessment we can discuss the results and share an educational plan specifically for your child.  You will receive a written report with this information by email within a few days. 

What are the benefits of tutoring online?

  1. You work with the tutor of your choice, no matter where you live in the world
  2. No transportation is necessary
  3. More consistent attendance = more consistent progress
  4. “Germs” are not an issue, yours or mine
  5. Virtual learning is the future.

Why should I choose you as a tutor?

My positive approach to teaching students who struggle is important.  Developing a rapport with them, celebrating their progress and challenging them “just enough” are important parts of the way I interact with my students.   

My life perspective and teaching perspective comes from my years as a special education teacher, mother, stepmother and grandmother. 

I have a toolbox of programs and strategies to choose from when selecting the methods that will benefit your child.

My instruction is based on what works for general education and special education students.  Based on experience and research, phonics (letter sounds) is an essential foundation for reading.  Learning phonics does not have to be boring or overly complicated, but it is essential.

Having taught hundreds of students to improve their reading I still love seeing them increase their reading levels, test scores,  self-confidence and motivation. 

How does online tutoring work?

Tutoring sessions are held as ZOOM meetings.  Every student receives a personal code they will use each time they enter ZOOM.  We see and talk with each other, share documents, and go to online reading programs.

How do I pay for online tutoring?

Payment is made for sessions one month in advance, through the online systems Zelle or PayPal. 

What does online tutoring cost?

The rate is $50 for a one hour session.

Two or more sessions a week are $45 a session.

How long will my child need tutoring?

How long your child needs tutoring depends on many factors: 

How far below grade level are they?

What learning challenges does your child have?

How often are they scheduled to attend tutoring?

Do they regularly attend tutoring sessions?

How qualified is your reading tutor?

Do the students have parental support?

Do you tutor during the summer?

Yes, I tutor year-round. Students lose hard earned progress and momentum during

 vacations and holidays.  Even small losses set struggling readers back.

Do you tutor in person?

Unfortunately, due to the health situation in our country that is not possible now.

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