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About My Students

They had trouble learning the letters of the alphabet in kindergarten, reading in first grade and answering questions in second grade. It was hard to take a test in third grade and writing in fourth grade was a nightmare.
They copy part of the homework, but the page numbers are missing or they can’t read their writing.
Their backpack has papers from September, but not the science book they need tonight. They try to remember, but…
They know it’s important to focus, but wait… somebody just walked by the classroom. Their teachers tell them to try harder. Their parents tell them to try harder. They want someone to see they do care and are really trying, but ….

Inventing Gizmos,
Rubic Cubes,
and Creative Thinking.

Unfortunately, they think they are failures, like their grades.

They know their grades aren’t good but don’t know what help to ask for. They may get help, but it may not be enough. Sometimes they afraid to ask and sometimes they don’t want to ask.

They are frustrated, discouraged children, with learning challenges.  They need a teacher who can teach, the way they learn.  

My Students’ Brains Are Wired Differently,
So They Learn Differently.

My students can learn successfully with  teacher who know how to teach them.   

They often require more explicit explanations and extensive practice to be successful.

Patience and appropriate support at home and school are also key. 

They need someone to believe in them, so they can believe in themselves


About My Teaching

I provide truly personalized instruction.


My students enjoy learning, and they experience progress and success. 


As their skills improve, so do their grades, self-confidence and motivation.

About Me

Hi. I’m Lynn Wilson, a northeastern girl at heart, but my husband and I reside on the edge of the Everglades in Pembroke Pines, Florida, with two of the sweetest dogs in the world. 

I am a mother, stepmother, grandmother, and retired special education teacher. I have 27 years of teaching experience in public schools in New Jersey and Florida, and years of tutoring experience.

My own school days fueled my desire to teach.  As an adult, I felt angry that no one noticed my struggles and anxiety as a child.  They didn’t realize I thought I was stupid for a long-g time. If you were a good kid and didn’t act out in class you weren’t seen as a problem. 

Phonics.  Was the “a” long or short?  I did not understand and I didn’t care.  

Reading aloud. I never heard any part of the story until my turn was over and my heart stopped beating so fast.     

Reading silently. My brain went somewhere else. I reread paragraphs over and over. 


Listening to instructions. I would miss one part. While I asked the kid next to me, we both missed the next part.  

I don’t know why in heaven’s name I liked to read, but I did.  

So much goes on in the heart and minds of our  kids.  I want to acknowledge their struggles and offer support.  I believe in them so they will believe in themselves.

Lynn Tracey Wilson

Lynn Wilson


M.Ed. Reading
B.S. Speech & Hearing Science

FL Certified Teacher
Reading K-12
Elementary Ed K-6
ESE K-12
Autism Endorsement
ESOL Endorsement

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